How Vedthy Is Committed To Make Ayurveda More Accessible. #AccessibleAyurveda

The year 2020 came with great learnings and achievements for Vedthy. We had great success with our product range and consumers loved our products. We sold products across different channels of distribution including our Online Store (, E-Commerce Stores, and Offline Partners. With great insights from the market and our consumers, We are ready to accomplish the next phase of Ayurveda.

Last year we noticed that people appreciated how portable and easy to consume Vedthy's Ayurvedic Products were for them. We encapsulated the potent Ayurvedic herbs in the form of tablets and powders, which ensured that our consumers get the best of Ayurveda at the convenience of their preferred location.

Not only this we also noticed that the conventional Ayurvedic industry never focuses on ease of access. Getting great quality ayurvedic products was a big challenge for the consumers because of number of reasons like:-

  1. The consumers were not given enough information about the product.
  2. There were no certifications and regularity in the products.
  3. The products were hard to find and had an irregular supply.

We at Vedthy have overcome each of these challenges and gave our consumers a consistent experience with great quality products. We took complete control over the shopping experience through our online channels and tightly integrated offline channels. We are proud of our accomplishments in building our brand and uplifting Ayurveda overall.

Now this year we want to work even harder and provide customers with diverse natural solutions. We have started this endeavor by launching Ayush Kadha Infusion bags.

The Ayush Kadha Infusion Bags are a great piece of innovation in the Ayurveda space. We have taken our Ayush Ministry recommended Ayush Kadha and made them more portable. Now with Infusion Bags, you can take care of your immunity literally anywhere and anytime. We have put them in a very convenient infusion bag and in 4 simple steps you can enrich your immunity on the go. 

We would like to thank all of you for supporting us in making Ayurveda great again. We promise you to provide with nothing but the best. Also, We will continue to uplift Ayurveda and ensure its benefits help mankind heal.