About Us

An initiative solely with a purpose of creating awareness about the magic of Ayurveda. Put your immune armour on with VedThy.



A cliché, Prevention is better than cure, has again taken over our lives during this pandemic. Choosing prevention and strengthening our immune system for a happier today and a healthier tomorrow.

Millennials, the new age generation has lost touch with our Indian Traditional medicine system. This product line aims at spreading awareness about absolutely no side eects of Ayurveda and miraculous results that it has produced, with its use, since time immemorial.



My brainchild – VedThy is solely focused on creating awareness about the magic of Ayurveda. This product line has been launched, aimed to educate people on this Indian way of curing and healing through the medium of sacred herbs that have been proved to be effective since ancient times.



Our all natural, 100% vegetarian products have been derived from ages old carefully crafted Ayurvedic home remedies. These remedies have been backed by hundreds of years of Ayurvedic research and data.