Mulethi Powder - Throat Relief

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Vedthy Mulethi Powder
Mulethi is an age-old herb that has been used for its exceptional health-promoting properties. Apart from medicines, it is widely used as a flavouring agent due to the natural sweetness the extract has. It is an anti-Acidic, great for Throat wellness, boost digestion, acts as a mild laxative playing an effective role in stimulating bowel movement.


Mulethi Benefits:

  1. Keeps the Respiratory Tract Healthy
  2. Boosts Immunity
  3. Boosts Digestion
  4. Cures Skin Ailments
  5. Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties


Mulethi Powder Dosage:
One teaspoon twice a day with warm water.

Vedthy Mulethi Powder Ingredients:
100% Mulethi


100g Powder

Legal Disclaimer:
Vedthy only uses accredited botanical herbs assuring complete efficiency and unparalleled safety.